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From the outside, it’s not very remarkable—just another giant warehouse sitting a stone’s throw away from Interstate 95, blending seamlessly into a mostly industrial landscape. But on any given day Virginia ABC’s 292,285-square-foot warehouse building, which is attached to Virginia ABC’s central office in Richmond, holds about $35 million worth of distilled spirits, Virginia wine and non-alcoholic mixers. Here are some facts about Virginia ABC’s warehouse:

  • The warehouse is the size of about five and a half football fields.
  • During peak season (October 1–January 1) the warehouse has an average inventory of $45 million worth of distilled spirits, Virginia wine and nonalcoholic mixers.
  • The warehouse processes orders for an average of 65–70 stores daily using an automation system installed in 2006, which allows employees to process a maximum 20,000 cases in an eight-hour shift. 
  • Thirty items are the largest volume items, and they represent 30 percent of Virginia ABC's business. By store order volume, Jack Daniel’s 7 Black is the top distilled spirit. 
  • The agency’s warehouse has been located at 2901 Hermitage Road since 1971. 
  • The warehouse conducts four complete inventories annually. Each inventory requires two days. 
  • About 90 percent of the warehouse inventory is glass. 
  • There are seven doors for receiving product from 15-17 tractor trailers a day during non-peak times and 20–22 daily during the peak season. Three “unloaders” and three “put away” drivers using forklifts move products around the warehouse. 
  • The warehouse prepares weekly deliveries for between 300–310 of Virginia ABC’s 358 stores. Forty-five stores receive delivery every other week and three stores receive deliveries once a month from the warehouse. 
  • Tractor trailer trucks carrying a maximum load of 45,000 pounds each service between one to six stores daily.

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