Mind Your Body Oasis

1750 Crystal Dr

Arlington, VA 22202

Telephone: 703-567-1290

CATEGORIES: Play | Services

Mind Your Body Oasis is now open in the 1750 Shops in the new Landing across from the Hallmark.

Their mission is to provide an Oasis, a place to escape the stressors of daily life, right in the middle of hectic Crystal City. They seek to help you find your bliss by nourishing your body, mind, and spirit in a caring, upscale, and professional environment.

They primarily offer Yoga and Pilates classes to strengthen the body and mind, various types of massage to release lingering tension, Nutrition and Wellness coaching, and Infrared Heat Therapy to let the body detox from the inside out. Their licensed, experienced, and compassionate teachers and therapists offer the latest in alternative fitness techniques, skin treatments, body treatments, anti-aging therapies, and nutritional wellness.

Come to relax, to heal, and to find an even deeper connection to yourself and community. Whatever your bliss is, you will find it at Mind Your Body Oasis.

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